Trinity University Research Group

“Thank you so much for organizing this research trip for us. Our group of faculty and students wanted to study the fauna and flora of Shangrila and you made it possible for us. You arranged the best possible research locations, and insightful meetings with local scholars and researchers. You also took good care of finding wonderful lodging and providing exquisite local food for us. You arranged for us visits to museums and temples, and even a chance to visit local families. This allowed us to learn much more than we could have ever dreamed of. Many thanks for making our stay in Shangrila the best experience ever, and for making us feel there like we feel at home.”

Tour Leader

During the month of June we had the special visit of a group of 7 Researchers from Trinity University who wanted to study the flora and Fauna of Shangrila:

We planned a special Itinerary for this group, so that they were able to research the areas of their interest: we had two days of study at Pudatso National Park; we me Gongba from Shangrila Institute, .who showed us their project site in Napa Lake and talk about the different projects they are doing in the area; we visited the Shangrila High Mountain Botanical Garden, accompanied by one of the local plant experts; we met with a local herder from Bulum Village  at the pasture area in Napa Lake and we visited Yila grassland.


We also met with a Thangka painting Master in Shangrila Association of Cultural Preservation, who talked us about Thangka painting (Tibetan Art), and introduced us in the basics of this traditional painting style:

We hope to see you soon again in our beloved Shangrila and its grasslands!