Chinese American International School

During April we received our friends from the Chinese International School


Monday April 3rd Day 3 Lijiang / Shangrila

Meet with our guides in Lijiang ! Orientation -including health, safety, detailed procedures, and background information on local destinations !

Drive from Lijiang along the Yangtze to Qiaotou town for 2 hours. We will visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge and trek there for about 2-3 hours and drive to Shangrila in the afternoon.

Tuesday April 4th Day 4 Shangrila

Morning we will drive to Songzanlin Monastery, the largest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan, where we add our prayer flags to the thousands of hung colored cloths embellished with Buddhist sutras.  We follow the pilgrims on the kora (pilgrim’s path) around the monastery.   We cap our visit with a private audience with a top lama in his chambers and also meet with little monks to know about their monasteic life !  Songzanlin is often called “Little Potala” for its resemblance of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, the former home of the Dalai Lamas. We will later walk around the oldtown and have lunch there.


Afternoon is for you to explore around the old town to get to know about the history of Shangrila old town, get to know about the fire and things happening after the fire!


Wednesday April 5th Day 5

Today we will drive to Trinyi village which is about 15 minutes drive from the town. We will first settle down with the homestay arrangement. Then we will have the house class – You will visit 2 particular houeses to understand the architecture of Tibetan houses. It will be one old style house, and one new style house in the village.

After lunch in home stay family. We will have farming Class – It is for you to get to know the local farming work, you will go down to the filed to understand the crops they are growing, how it helps for local village’s life, and what’s change of past and present in what they grow.

Later to have a herding Class – It is for you to get to know about Tibetan’s herding life. You will find how they depend on the cattle in daily life and the changes through out of the time. Homestay


Thursday-Friday April 6th – April 7th Day 6 – Day 7

We will spend 2 half days at the school to interact with local students. (Ringa Community Nursery School is possible to visit as long as it is open, we will arrange 2 halfdays to visit the school)

We will spend the other 2 half days in Trinyi village and help out with following things:

  1. 田里施肥
  2. 种土豆
  3. 捡牛粪
  4. 松土
  5. 放牛
  6. 收牛

Saturday 8th Day 8

We will spend 1 more day at the village to help out below things or to have different activities with local kids since they are at home on Saturday, it could be a basketball match with local students!







Saturday night would be cultural night with local people from the village to talk about American farmer’s life (We have projector and screen)

Sunday – Monday –Tuesday April 9th -10th -11th Day 9 – Day 10-Day 11

Thangka Painting Program in Thangka Center. Learning the basic Thangka Painting with the local Thangka Masters with 3 mornings.

April 9th Afternoon we will drive to Shika Mountain and take the cable car to get to the top. If weather permitting, we can visit several Snow Mountain from far view.


Stay in Guesthouse in Oldtown. ( It is not possible to get students price for cable car tickets , it is 220yuan per person )

April 10th Afternoon we will visit Napa Lake which is the winter ground for the black necked cranes.


April 11th Afternoon, we will drive to the north to Nixi village. We will visit Tangtoe village where Tibetans are making pottery, and we will also get our hands on that to experience of making the pottery.

Wednesday – Thursday April 12th – April 13th Day 12 – Day 13

2-day trek with 1 night camping.  Camping on 12th

Then we will drive back to Trinyi village for homestay on 13th. .

IMG_1827 2

Evening we will have traditional dancing party and local hotpot dinner with host family. Homestay

Thanks for coming!!