Chinese American International School Trip

During April we had the visit of the Chinese American International School to Shangri La. We, from the April 2nd to April 15th.


We visited Kunming and Lijiang, after which we drove along the Yangtze to Qiaotou town for 2 hours. We visited the Tiger Leaping Gorge and trek there for about 2-3 hours and then drove to Shangrila in the afternoon.

In Shangrila we visited Songzanlin Monastery, the largest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan, where we added our prayer flags to the thousands of hung colored cloths embellished with Buddhist sutras. Songzanlin is often called “Little Potala” for its resemblance of thePotalaPalaceinLhasa, the former home of the Dalai Lamas.

We also visited Napa Nature Reserve for the black-necked cranes.

We did a homestay at Trinyi village, where we visited  2 particular houses in order to understand the architecture of Tibetan houses.  We also had a farming Class, a herding Class, a cultural night with people from the village, and we spent 2 and a half days at the village school to interact with local students.

At Trinyi village we helped  with following things:

  1. 田里施肥
  2. 种土豆
  3. 捡牛粪
  4. 松土
  5. 放牛
  6. 收牛

We also held a 2 days Thangka Painting Program in Thangka Center, learning the basic Thangka Painting with the local Thangka Masters.


Finally we did a 2-day trek with 1 night camping after which we had a traditional dancing party and local hotpot dinner with host family.